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Assignments for Monday, February 1, 2021

Reading: Civil Rights- pg. 392.

Copy Talk About It- pg. 393./ Answer questions
Lunch Counter Encounter- pg. 394
Copy Vocabulary/ Homophones
Define vocabulary. Be sure to include everything from the glossary.
Read pgs. 394- 395.
ELA: Orange Book that you have home.
Review of Adjectives- pg. 180.
Read pg. 180.
Do Try It Out #’s 1-5- pg. 181.
Follow directions.
Copy Summing Up.
Do On Your Own- #’s 6-17.
Follow directions.
Word Study:  Unit 2 pg. 29.
Read the article.
Do Critical Thinking #’s 1-3/ Questions and answers.
Social Studies: Read pg. 272
Do Review Question/ Question and answer.
Read pg. 273.
Do Review Question/ Question and answer.
Copy Summarize the Lesson.
 Lesson 1 Review- pg. 273.
Do #’s 2, 3, and 4/Question and answer.
Religion: pg. 98
Copy Lesson title.
Read pgs. 98-99
Copy As Catholics- pg. 99.
If you do not have your notebook at home, do not worry. Please use loose leaf.

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