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Hello everyone….I hope you are warm, healthy, & safe!!    J

For music this week, students in K-8 are asked to do the following:

                  (If you need this translated, pls. copy & paste into  )

Grades K-8:  Please watch and prepare the 3 percussion activities below, so you are able to perform them in class.  (Tap/clap/snap the indicated body part as it is highlighted.       *** If there are two body parts in the box, you do two quick taps in a row (“ti-ti”).  And don’t forget to stay quiet when you see a rest!!)


Body percussion:

Use your body or an object to mark the “rhythm of the words”:


Grades 3-8, please also make sure you have completed all the activities (reading, videos, clapping, etc.) from Lessons 1-5 (trimester 1), and then submitted your completed work, on     your Music Google Classroom.                                                                                                                  Your class codes are:


Grade 3     mxhrl6n

Grade 4     23n3h2c

Grade 5     vd23ugp

                                                 Grade 6     fk4nt2g

Grade 7     gfp75qd

Grade 8     zuzocuk


**Grade 2 –  Please continue to make an effort to watch the videos in Lessons 1-5 that I posted last trimester.  I know some of you are still getting used to Google Classroom, so the assignments attached to the lessons are optional for your class.                     

Grade 2 Class Code:  z7aubmo


**Grades K and 1:    If your student has a school gmail acct.,  please have him/her join their grade-level Music Google Classroom.   I have not posted assignments there yet, because I was not sure if students would be able to access them. 

Grade K Class Code:   yii56ia

Grade 1 Class Code:   z7zutg7


Thank you, everyone!!  Be safe and helpful during these crazy snow days!!  See you soon!       Mrs. M